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How Genetics Play a Role in Causing Cavities and Gum Problems?

Are you very meticulous about maintaining your oral hygiene, yet you still have teeth cavities and inflammation of gums? If yes, then don’t worry, you may not entirely be at fault here. Instead, it might be your genes! Just like how your genes determine your personality and physical features. Variations in certain genes may [...]

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Laser Dentistry

With each passing day, newer, safer and more conservative innovations are being introduced in the field of dentistry. One such innovation is the use of lasers performing various dental procedures, which were first introduced in 1960. This article explains everything you need to know about the use of lasers in dentistry. What are Lasers? [...]

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Invisalign Vs. Online Aligners ; Everything you Need to Know

When it comes to getting your teeth straight, two options come to mind; braces and Invisalign aligners. With the braces going out of fashion more and more every year. Invisalign, and other removable aligners are becoming one of the most popular options for orthodontic treatment. These aligners are prescribed, managed by dentists, and require [...]

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Micro Robots Eliminate Dental Plaque

For some people, a routine dental checkup appointment can be a uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. This is because they have to undergo teeth cleaning procedure with mechanical or ultrasonic equipment. These are the tools used by dentist to remove the plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth. What if instead of your dentist cleaning [...]

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The Connection between Alzheimer’s Disease and Oral health

For most people, regular tooth brushing and flossing are important for maintaining optimal oral hygiene and a set of pearly white teeth. But what if your oral health maintenance is much more important for you than just your smile? Many people already know that our oral health status directly affects our physical health and [...]

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Dental Stem Cell Research

Imagine if you could grow a brand-new tooth in case you lost one? This is something which we can expect to happen in the future. Researchers have now been able to regrow dental tissues in damaged teeth, inside their laboratories. Soon the days will be gone when dental implants were the most reliable and [...]

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What to know about sleep apnea?

What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is a condition where there is frequent interruption or cessation of breathing during sleep. Do you snore loudly, frequently wake up during sleep, or wake up tired in the morning?  You may be suffering from sleep apnea! According to the Sleep Apnea Association, more than 22 million Americans [...]

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Xerostomia or Dry Mouth

The saliva is a clear fluid which is made by the salivary glands present in the oral cavity, which performs various vital functions such as cleansing of the teeth, protection of the oral cavity from harmful microbes and digestion of food. When our body is unable to prepare sufficient saliva, the mouth becomes dry [...]

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What are the Options for Treating Gum Recession?

Gum recession is a common dental condition and should be addressed with your dentist immediately. The gums start to pull away from the teeth and start receding towards the root surface. The gums are not only essential for improving our smile and facial esthetics. They also serve as an indicator of our overall physical [...]

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Catholic Charities Food Drive

Help Provide food and clothing items to individuals and families in the community with food instability, while encouraging self-sufficiency through all Catholic Charities programs. We have a drop off point at our office located at 2330 Hemby Lane, Greenville, NC 27834. You can visit Catholic Charities website by visiting www.CatholicCharitiesRaleigh.org . Their offices are [...]

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