Manual vs Electric toothbrushes

Proper brushing is the key to meticulous oral hygiene. Manual and electric toothbrushes both have their own sets of benefits.Which brings us to the next question, what to choose,manual or electric toothbrushes? To find what suits your oral health needs better, we put together a comparison for you. Many people find using power toothbrushes [...]

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Sensitive Teeth

Are you afraid of cold drinks or your favorite hot soup? If yes, then you’re not alone. Pain or sensitivity which is caused by hot or cold foods could be one of the signs of decay. Consumption of acidic foods and carcinogenic food can lead to such conditions. The pain or sensitivity in the [...]

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Abscessed Tooth

Have you ever experienced pain in your neck and ear for no reason? Have you visited your dentist in last 6 months? If the answer is no then you should schedule your appointment with the dentist right away. Have your teeth checked for cavities or any abscess that sometimes radiates pain to ear and [...]

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All about Canker Sores

What is a canker sore?  It is a small open wound or an ulcer in the mouth which makes talking and eating difficult to perform. The area is white in color and usually appear on the tongue and inner part of the lips. These sores are also identified as aphthous ulcers and can appear [...]

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Digital Oral Impressions

Virtually all dental procedures require making impressions of the teeth and the surrounding oral structures. Until a few years ago, dentists used physical moldable materials for recording dental impressions. This process was uncomfortable and inconvenient for the patients. Patients also did not like the smell or taste of the impression materials Those days are [...]

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Effects of Getting Older on your Teeth and Dental Heath

As age progresses, there is not only a considerable decline in physical fitness, but dental health is also affected. However, just like our physical health and well being, if we want to enjoy perfect dental health during the old age, we must look after our teeth and gums in the early years. Let’s look [...]

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Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Eating a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is not only essential for keeping you physically fit, but it is equally important to make sure that you retain a sparkly white smile throughout life. It is said that you are what you eat! What you eat routinely can have a direct effect on your dental [...]

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Causes and Effect of Gum Disease

Do you have swollen and sensitive gums which bleed when you brush your teeth? If yes, then chances are that you have underlying gum disease. But you are not alone this! According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in every two American adults suffers from some form of gum problems. The good [...]

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Innovative Methods for Diagnosis and Management of Cavities

Do you know what’s the worst enemy of a beautiful smile? It’s cavities! While pearly white teeth make you look attractive and beautiful, crooked and decayed teeth can ruin your personality and smile. For many years, the only option dentists have had to restore decayed teeth, is to remove the damaged tooth portion, and [...]

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