As much as someone cares about their smile, sometimes tooth loss is unavoidable. Causes could be as incidental as a bump in the mouth from your child’s head during a child/father wrestling match. Or, it could be as severe as an automobile accident.

In any case, loss of a front tooth can be emotionally challenging. For years, doctors Michels & Gauquie have been dealing with both the technical and personal embarrassment challenges of patients loosing a front tooth. So, if you or a loved one is facing tooth loss in the esthetic zone, you can trust you are in good hands here in our office. We have decades of experience to help you through this trouble time.

The first step is often to place a temporary tooth in your mouth. This can usually be done within a day and often relieves unwanted stress. From there, replacement options can be discussed in a relaxed fashion. The good news is, in many cases, the missing tooth/teeth can ultimately be replaced in a near indistinguishable fashion. In other words, you can have your smile back!!

At Michels & Gauquie, we typically replace missing front teeth using one of the following options.
•Dental Implant
•Removable Partial

For years, we have been training and have vast experience in areas that include surgical implant placement and bone grafting. That means, in most cases your treatment can be started and completed right here in our dental office. Relax, you are in competent hands.