Are Dental Implants right for me preparing jawboneAre Dental Implants Right for Me? Dental implants are a transformative solution for people facing the challenges of missing teeth. They offer both functional and also aesthetic benefits. The Michels & Gauquie comprehensive guide explores the intricacies of dental implants, including their advantages, the procedure involved, and also the various implant-supported options available.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, typically made from titanium, that are surgically placed into the jawbone. They serve as a sturdy foundation for your replacement teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. Unlike traditional dentures that are sometimes loose and ill-fitting or bridges. Dental Implants offer a permanent solution that looks, feels, and function like your natural teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

First, it improves your Oral Health. Dental implants help maintain the integrity of the jawbone by providing the necessary stimulation to prevent bone loss. This is crucial because, without the root structure of a natural tooth, the jawbone can deteriorate over time. Dental Implants also offer improvements in appearance. Implants look and feel like natural teeth. They are designed to fuse with bone, making them a permanent part of your smile.
They also offer better Functionality. Implants restore full chewing power, allowing you to eat your favorite foods without discomfort or worry. They also help improve your speech, which can be affected by missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures. Implants offer extended Durability. With proper care dental implants can last a lifetime. Making them a very cost-effective long-term solution.

Can you walk me through the Dental Implant Procedure?

The process of getting dental implants involves several stages, each critical to ensuring the success and longevity of the implants.
Michels & Gauquie begins with an Initial Consultation at our office located in Greenville, North Carolina. A thorough examination by one of our Doctors. It includes X-rays and 3D imaging to assess the current condition of your jawbone and plan the placement of the implants. This step is vital to determine if there is sufficient bone structure to support the implants or if bone grafting will be necessary.

The second step is the surgical placement of the implant into the jawbone. This will be scheduled and take place in one of our office’s surgical suites located in Greenville, NC. This procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia. The dentist makes an incision in the gum to expose the bone, drills a hole, and then inserts the titanium implant. The gum is then stitched back over the implant.

How long to heal after surgery?

After the implant is placed, a period of healing is required. This phase, known as osseointegration, can take several months. During this time, the jawbone grows around the implant, securely anchoring it in place. We can place a temporary crown to maintain aesthetics and functionality during your mouth’s healing period.
When do I get my replacement tooth?

Once the implant has fused with the jawbone, an abutment is attached to the implant. The abutment acts as a connector, holding the replacement tooth or teeth in place. This minor procedure involves our doctors reopening your gum to expose the implant, attaching the abutment, and then allowing the gum to heal around it.

The final step is the actual placement of the custom-made crown, bridge, or denture. This is designed to match the color and contour of your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless and natural appearance. Once in place, the doctors at Michels & Gauquie will make any necessary adjustments to ensure you have a perfect fit.

What are the types of Implant-Supported Solutions?

For patients missing a single tooth. A single implant topped with a crown is an ideal solution. This approach avoids altering adjacent healthy teeth, as often required by a traditional bridge.

For those missing several teeth, multiple implants can support a bridge. This provides a stable and secure solution without relying on your natural teeth for support.

There are also Implant-supported dentures that offer a more stable alternative to traditional dentures. They can be either fixed or removable and are anchored by implants, preventing issues like slipping or discomfort like some ill-fitting dentures.

Another option would be Fixed Implant-Supported Dentures. These are permanently attached to implants and can only be removed by a dentist. They offer the highest level of stability and functionality.

The final option is Removable Implant-Supported Dentures. These dentures snap onto implants but can be removed for cleaning. They offer a balance between stability and convenience.

Are implants easy to take care of?

Caring for dental implants is very similar to caring for your natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups at Michels & Gauquie are essential to maintain oral health and ensure the longevity of your implants. Additionally, avoiding habits like smoking, which can affect healing and bone integration, is crucial for the success of the implants.

Dental implants represent a significant advancement in dental technology, providing a durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solution for missing teeth. They restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Implants also play a vital role in preserving oral health by preventing bone loss and maintaining facial structure. Whether you need a single tooth replacement or a full set of implant-supported dentures. Michels & Gauquie Cosmetic & Family Dentistry offers a customized solution to meet your needs and enhance your quality of life.