Patient view of dentist starting examOral cancer is a severe condition affecting hundreds of people each year. Just like any part of your body, your oral health needs to be checked regularly for any underlying medical condition that could affect you or your loved ones in the future. Fortunately, early detection substantially improves outcomes across the board.

Oral Cancer Assessment System

VELscope® provides the most powerful technology available for assisting in the discovery of oral mucosal abnormalities. This device plays a vital role in early detection, which can be crucial in the fight against oral cancer. When used as an adjunctive aid in combination with traditional oral cancer examination procedures, VELscope® facilitates the early discovery and visualization of abnormalities, including oral cancer.

How It Works

In one or two minutes, with no rinses or staining substances required, a VELscope® system examination helps healthcare professionals assess their patient’s oral health. Dentists and lab technicians certified and qualified to operate this system can only do this test. With the help of this device, dentists can detect any abnormalities in your mouth that can be ruled out as a potential hazard.

Importance Of Early Detection

Getting screened with this device is undoubtedly a step in the right direction as it would help you identify whether you need immediate treatment or not. The VELscope® system can also help you relax and reduce your anxiety, knowing that there are no signs of cancer and all your tissues are healthy. On the other hand, if signs indicate a possibility of getting oral cancer, then immediate measures can be implemented to help you manage your condition.

Other Uses Of The VELscope® System

Help find oral abnormalities

Assesses your head and neck for anything unusual

It can be used to screen at the precancer stage

Find abnormal tissue that is invisible to the naked eye

Do You Need An Oral Cancer Screening In Greenville, NC?

If you or your loved ones feel something off about your oral health, it’s better to seek medical attention immediately. Here at Michels & Gauquie Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we offer oral cancer screening that can help detect early forms of cancer in your head and neck. Call us today to start your screening process.




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