Dentist shaping and cleaning dentureAn implant-supported denture is a permanent restoration that replaces multiple teeth without the discomfort of traditional dentures. Although removable dentures are effective, this option is preferred by patients who do not want to feel their dentures moving around their gums and want a restoration that feels more natural.

How Are Implant-Supported Dentures Installed?

In most cases, the procedure involves two surgeries: the first inserts the implants in the jawbone beneath the gums, and the second exposes the tops of the implants.

For support, each arch of your dentures will require four dental implants to hold them in place. Once the implants are firmly in position, an abutment is affixed to the implants – this device will hold the dentures in place.

How Long Is The Healing Process?

Depending on whether bone grafting or other preparatory procedures are required, the healing time for implants can range from three to six months.

Advantages Of Implant-Supported Dentures

Prevents the loss of jawbone tissues.

Cleaning implants is similar to cleaning natural teeth

If you practice good dental hygiene, your implants could last a lifetime

Implants prevent the shifting of natural teeth

Implants feel and appear completely natural

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