Just as an annual physical examination is necessary for your body’s overall well-being, regular oral exams and dental cleaning are crucial for the safety and health of your smile. The primary objective of these visits is to eliminate tartar and plaque accumulation on your teeth and below the gum line to lower your risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss.

Additionally, it allows your dentist and dental hygienist to check for indications of tooth decay, oral cancer, and other problems with your oral health.

What Is An Oral Exam?

An oral or dental examination is a dental procedure that involves checking your teeth and gums for any potential problems. A dentist and a dental hygienist typically work together to complete this procedure. These examinations are crucial for maintaining dental health because if your oral health issues are not treated right away, they may become unpleasant and dangerous in the future.

What Are Dental Cleanings?

Dental cleanings are performed by regular dentists and dental hygienists, which involve removing plaque and tartar staining your teeth. The procedure is done by scraping the plaque from your teeth using specialized dental equipment. The remaining stains on your teeth are then removed by polishing them with an abrasive paste and mouthwash.

Health Benefits Of Oral Exams And Dental Cleanings

There are plenty of health benefits that you can get by attending your routine dental cleanings. This includes but is not limited to:

Preventing oral health problems and diseases

It keeps your mouth clean and fresh

It prevents tooth stain, plaque, and tartar buildup

It helps you detect oral diseases and infections

Are You Considering Getting Oral Exams & Dental Cleanings In Greenville, NC?

Oral exams and dental cleanings might be a simple procedure for some; however, the benefits you can get from this routine dental service are worth a hundred other dental procedures. Our team at Michels & Gauquie Cosmetic & Family Dentistry can provide you with the dental cleaning and screening you need. Call us today!




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