A direct impact to the front of your face with no mouthguard can fracture your front teeth, or even knock them loose or even out. A hit to your jaw can slam your jaws together  putting a huge amount of stress on your teeth. This can cause cracks and breaks, and possible jaw fractures. For kids, sports injuries account for a large amount of dental trauma. If you have braces or your child is an orthodontic patient, the trauma from a sports injury can damage not only teeth, but tissue inside the mouth.

Mouthguards are like an automobile airbag – they absorb the shock of impact, and to spread the pressure around the material of the mouthguard, instead of your teeth and jaws. By absorbing impact mouthguards can reduce the chances of an injury such as a loose or knocked out front tooth..

No matter what kind of mouthguard you choose, please choose one, and please wear it. Dental injuries can have lasting and significant impacts on not just your teeth, but on your overall health. Please take the time to protect the athlete in your life and make sure they have the best chance to keep their wonderful smile for life.