Have you started using a denture recently? Do you find it difficult to use while eating? Eating with dentures and adjusting it takes a little time and practice, but over time you should be able to eat the normal diet – with one or two exclusions. It replaces your natural teeth but doesn’t feel exactly the same.


A Denture is a man-made appliance which is removable and used to replace missing teeth. These are custom-made to fit your mouth, but it can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable and difficult to eat for several weeks.


Eating with Dentures can be difficult for those people who are new to this dental appliance. In the beginning, chewing feels different and some people even think that they have lost the flavors of food. This happens due to the signals that your mind gets from your mouth which overpower the signals from your taste buds.

During the time of denture adjustment, there are chances that you will have the sensation of hot and cold drink if you are a coffee lover, which is one of the common experiences new denture wearers have. So you have to be very careful while having something hot, you don’t want to burn or hurt your mouth. Right!!


Throughout the adjustment phase, You will probably produce more saliva, that causes the denture to slip everywhere and might develop a few sores during the process. Your mouth and tongue become comfortable with this new dental appliance with time all you need to do is change the way you handle your food.


Eating the right food is vital to have a healthy body and a healthy smile. Some of the tips for Eating with denture are mentioned below follow these tips and enjoy eating food confidently.

Relax and Then Eat

Eating with natural teeth is slightly different from eating with dentures, but taking it easy in the initial stages can help you adjust it and enjoy the food.

Begin With Bits And Pieces Of Food

If you are wearing a denture for the first time it is important to cut the food in small pieces and Begin eating in small quantities. After cutting it Chew half of the meal in your mouth with the help of teeth at the back. Use both the sides equally the left side of your mouth and the other half on the backside. This will stabilize your dentures while eating and will give you a good feeling.

Consume Soft Food

Starting off the new denture with soft foods is a great idea. It will help you to chew well and start chewing with confidence. Some of the good examples of foods you can start with are fish, chopped meat, cooked soft vegetables, eggs, and custards.

Avoid Sticky Food

Always avoid sticky and gummy foods while wearing a denture because it can dislodge your denture and if you are at a public this would be a little embarrassing too. The sticky food includes caramel, dry fruits, peanut butter, and gums. These things stick to the chewing teeth and can cause the denture to come out.

Avoid Holding Liquids In Your Mouth

There are multiple acts which can cause the dentures to fall out. One of the reasons is holding liquids in the mouth which can loosen bottom dentures which will ultimately create problem while eating.

Staying healthy requires a good diet and the capacity to chew food, which isn’t an easy job if you’ve just got a new set of dentures, but, if you follow our these strategies you’ll be surely chewing and eating normally in a couple of weeks. If the problem doesn’t settle in a few weeks or you have mouth sores due to the denture then you should consult a dentist right away.