Do you know what’s the worst enemy of a beautiful smile? It’s cavities! While pearly white teeth make you look attractive and beautiful, crooked and decayed teeth can ruin your personality and smile. For many years, the only option dentists have had to restore decayed teeth, is to remove the damaged tooth portion, and replace it with a suitable filling material. However, dental fillings are not only expensive, but they cause significant inconvenience to the patients and they also don’t last as long as the natural tooth structure. As a result, dentists are now switching to a “preventive” protocol, where teeth cavities can be detected and prevented. Well before they cause permanent damage.

Recently, two new diagnostic and preventive appliances have been introduced in the market, which has completely revolutionized dental healthcare; DIAGNOdent and Healozone. Let’s take a look at how they have proved to be beneficial for dental patients.


Until a few years ago, dentists had only two available options for detecting teeth cavities; visual inspection and x-ray imaging. While these options are effective, sometimes, they are not able to detect teeth cavities at early stages. Here is where the DIAGNOdent™ pen becomes useful. This system uses LASER fluorescence technology. This has the potential to detect tooth decay which cannot be picked up by the latest x-ray imaging systems. The DIAGNodent™ technology can see what the naked eye and the x-rays cannot!

You might think “ how is DIAGNOdent™ technology beneficial for me?” So, here is the answer. When this technology detects cavities at an early stage. You won’t have to spend huge amount on getting dental fillings. At this stage, your dentist will use a fluoride gel or apply sealants to prevent further progression of tooth decay. Moreover, you won’t undergo the dental restorative procedure, which is an inconvenience for many patients. After all, we all know that prevention is always better than cure.


For many dental patients, the sound of the dental drill, or even the thought of undergoing even a slightest dental procedure, is virtually a nightmare. If you are also one of those people who dread the dental drill, there is no need to worry anymore. Thanks to the Healozone technology, early tooth decay can be easily and effectively stopped without the need for any painful or expensive restorative procedure.

Instead of using the conventional drill, the Healozone technology generates ozone, which is then pointed towards the damaged part of the tooth to kill all the harmful bacteria which have caused the tooth decay. The Healozone technology offers a digital readout, which will help your dentist in deciding the length of your treatment with this technology, generally ranging between 10-40 seconds. Your dentist will place the handheld Healozone device on the tooth to expose it to the desired amount of ozone.

Afterward, your dentists will apply a remineralizing solution on the treated tooth. This is done to replace the minerals which have been lost as a result of tooth decay. It also removes the last remnants of ozone. The best thing about Healozone technology is that during your treatment, you won’t feel any pain. More importantly, the equipment is soundless. So, for patients who are irritated with the sound of the drill, Healozone technology is a convenient and non-invasive solution.


Your dentist will give you an at-home use kit, which will consist of a remineralizing toothpaste, a mouthwash, and a mouth spray. All these will help in restoring the damage and making the tooth stronger and more resistant against cavities in the future.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tooth decay is the most prevalent infectious disease which affects about 2.4 billion people worldwide. However, thanks to modern dental technology, teeth cavities can be detected at very early stages, thereby minimizing patient inconvenience and reducing burden on the global economy. So, when you combine these preventive technologies, you have a powerful weapon against cavities. Let’s hope that these revolutionary technologies become globally available so that teeth cavities and toothaches can become a thing of the past!