When it comes to getting your teeth straight, two options come to mind; braces and Invisalign aligners. With the braces going out of fashion more and more every year. Invisalign, and other removable aligners are becoming one of the most popular options for orthodontic treatment. These aligners are prescribed, managed by dentists, and require regular visits to evaluate the progress of treatment. Did you know that you can get your teeth straightened with a “treatment plan” comprising of removable aligners, without having to physically visit a dental office?

You might wonder, “both Invisalign and Smile Direct Club offer removable aligners. So, what’s the difference between them? While both treatment options appear similar, they actually differ from each in many respects. We can understand the difference between these two options by comparing their options, service, and results.


Both Invisalign and most online options have removable and are made from a transparent material. For maximum results, you need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day. However, in the case of Invisalign, you are able to visit the dentist for getting your aligners designed. Online or by mail options allow you to start the process by going online and having your photograph taken. Companies such as Smile Direct club offer you two options for getting the impressions of your teeth. Either you can visit their local office, or you can make the impression yourself by using a specially designed impression kit, which contains all the necessary information.


When preparing a plan for treatment with Invisalign aligners, your dentist will look at your teeth study models and x-rays, in addition to performing a detailed clinical examination. This information will then be utilized to prepare a series of aligners which will gradually move your teeth in the desired direction. However, there is no such requirement in the case of online aligner club. Just by utilizing a 3D image of your photograph and teeth, a “Supposed doctor-directed treatment plan” will be prepared for you.

Just like the Invisalign aligners, you will have to wear the mail order aligners for a certain period of time. When you receive your next aligner series of aligners in the mail, you should replace the previous one. In this way, each successive aligner will bring you one step closer to your dream smile. Once your treatment has been completed, Both Invisalign and Mail order aligners, you will be given retainers to prevent your teeth from moving back into their previous position.


Invisalign takes the lead as these aligners are indicated for the management of mild-moderate orthodontic problems like crowding, spacing, cross-bite or deep bite. The duration of a treatment usually varies according to the severity of the problem. However, orthodontic problems are usually corrected on an average, in a year with Invisalign. Aligners such as Smile Direct Club, on the other hand, are generally useful for the correction of mild problems like crowding or misalignment, which can usually be corrected in less than 6 months.


Both Invisalign and Online options have their own merits and demerits. However, treatment with Invisalign is performed directly under the supervision of an orthodontist at each step. Therefore, the chances of complications with Invisalign are comparatively lesser. Similarly, dentists can use specialized attachments with the aligners, which maximize their efficacy and mode of tooth movement. This option is not available with Direct Smile Club. Finally, Invisalign aligners offer treatment for a diverse range of orthodontic problems. Unfortunately, the Direct Smile Club aligners can only be used for very mild or moderate cases. No doubt you will save a lot of money with the Direct Smile Club, but you may not get the same results when you undergo treatment under the continuous supervision of a dentist, as in the case of Invisalign aligners.