Accessible and inexpensive dental treatment is crucial to maintaining good oral health and having a healthy family. Our Greenville family dentistry clinic offers comprehensive care for the whole family if you’re searching for a dental office that covers everything from pediatric dental care to teeth whitening.  


Dental Implants  

Gum disease and other serious health issues are greatly heightened by tooth loss. Eating, speaking, and even digestion are difficult if you have missing, broken, or painful teeth.  

Dental implants close up unsightly gaps in your smile while resembling your natural teeth in appearance and feel. To assist you in maintaining excellent oral health, our practitioners offer this essential oral restoration service.  

Dental Sedation  

The fact that a lot of family dental clinics provide sedation dentistry pleases a lot of their patients. Your doctor offers a variety of sedation options for people who experience severe anxiety to ensure that you are at ease and relaxed throughout your dental appointment.  

Children and adults alike should consider this option. While your dentist completes the dental procedures, your dentist will keep track of your dental health. Sedation dentistry reduces discomfort and avoids needless anxiety.  

Aesthetic Dental Work  

Family dentistry experts offer a variety of solutions to improve your smile in addition to teeth whitening procedures. Your teeth will look amazing with the help of cosmetic and family dentistry.  

Cracked or chipped teeth can be repaired by specialists who engage in family dentistry. While crowns and bridges fix missing or restore damaged teeth, porcelain veneers can hide cosmetic faults in the smile. These treatments are just among the many dental procedures experts in family dentistry can perform.  

Teeth Bleaching    

Your teeth naturally lose their brilliant white shade as you get older. Some people hide their smiles out of shame because of the stains and discoloration. Teeth whitening brightens your teeth by several shades and improves your self-esteem, whether you’re planning a trip or an interview.  

Over-the-counter products are undeniably inferior to professional teeth whitening services. You can get an in-office procedure or an at-home whitening technique at Michels & Gauquie DDS PA. It would help if you felt good about your smile, and we can help you get the gorgeous smile you’ve always desired.  

Dental Care for Children    

Good dental hygiene habits are formed from a young age. Most pediatric dental care specialists know the particular difficulties in establishing good habits.  

Exceptionally trained pediatric dentists know how to assist parents in promoting healthy habits and beautiful smiles because a kid’s mouth is smaller and requires special dental devices. They will recommend that you use the following to make things more interesting:  

  • Timer – You can use a kid’s song that’ll last at least two minutes so your kid will know when to stop brushing.  
  • Flavored Floss – Because flossing is tedious, even for us adults, you can make flossing more fun by using flavored floss.  
  • Special Toothbrush – You can ask your family dentist where to get a special toothbrush so your kid can enjoy practicing good dental hygiene.  


Our compassionate staff strongly emphasizes education and the entire family’s health, giving the most excellent care from an early age.  

We have a qualified team of professionals committed to providing kind oral care. Our highly trained professionals offer a wide range of procedures to keep you and your family healthy, from fillings and root canals to dentures and deep cleanings. Please schedule an appointment with us today!