The world as a whole is hurting right now, and it feels like such an uncertain place. We know that all of us are unsure of what tomorrow may hold, and we are all searching for ways to navigate these unchartered waters.  As your dental healthcare provider, we want to ensure you that health and safety remain our top priorities.  Our team realizes there is no “playbook” during a time like this, and we presently find ourselves operating differently to meet the needs of our community.  Our office has decided to stand together as more than a team, but as a force. We are committed to protect and serve.  One of our main duties is to keep as many dental emergencies out of the emergency rooms as possible.

    Thusly, unless government mandated, our doors will remain open to you, our amazing patients.  We have already reviewed and increased all cleanliness and sterilization protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.  Honestly, we are honored to have such bright and committed members on our team allowing us to stay ahead of the curve.

    Managing dental emergencies can be tricky and that is why we feel it is so important to continue to provide care in situations before they become emergent.  You will quickly notice a change in our protocols.  First, our team is actively verbally and physically screening patients in effort to distance high-risk or potentially infectious persons.  We are decreasing the number of patients we see thereby limiting the number of person to person contacts.  We are asking patients to come alone to their appointments, or to consult with us if they will need someone to accompany them to their appointment.

    Michels & Gauquie want you to know we are here and available by phone.  Please call us with questions and concerns.  Your input is welcome as we are in this together.  If nothing else, know that we are available to serve your dental needs. For decades Michels & Gauquie have been a pillar of support in our community, and we will continue to do so.