Your teeth are very sensitive and will let you know when you need emergency dental care. Whether you had a tooth knocked out while playing a contact sport or you have a horrible toothache, you will need to visit a dentist as soon as possible for emergency care. If you contact our dentist’s office we may be able to offer advice for how to best protect your injury until you can be seen. We will try to help you determine whether you need to see a dentist this minute or if you can wait until you can set an appointment during normal business hours. Knowing the difference in an emergency can help you limit the amount of damage done to your teeth.


Tooth Knocked out, Loose tooth, Broken teeth, Significant crack or chip in tooth causing pain, abscess, Severe swelling of the gums, or Severe toothache.

If the oral trauma happens during a weekend or outside of normal business hours, you should still call our office located in Greenville, North Carolina. Michels and Gauquie are experienced in dealing with dental emergencies. A quick response to a dental emergency will give you a better chance of preventing permanent damage. When a severely injured tooth is dealt with quickly by a dentist, you are at lower risk of permanent damage.


Small Crack or chip in a tooth, Lost filling, Lost crown or bridge, Broken or cracked tooth without severe pain, Food lodged between teeth, or a Dull toothache.

Even if the dental issue isn’t listed under dental emergencies, it’s still important to call your dentist’s office as soon as possible. Quick thinking can help save a tooth, which is why we always encourage our patients to contact us as soon as they suspect there’s a problem. If you are in need of our emergency dental services, please call Michels and Gauquie Cosmetic and Family Dentistry at 252-752-1600. Dr. Gary Michels and Dr. Chris Gauquie dedicate themselves to providing patients with the highest level of care during any dental procedure.