The American Dental Association suggests changing your toothbrush (manual toothbrush) or the brush head if using an electric toothbrush, every three to four months.


1. The bristles get frayed with use –

The brush head has hundreds of bristles that are clustered together which may vary in height and angulation. These bristles are designed in such a way that it can withstand thousands of repeated movements. However, there comes a time that those bristles split, fray or are no longer in the precise form that they once were.

2. What happens when the bristles get frayed?

When the bristles fray, they lose their effectiveness.. They leave plaque and residual food particles behind, which is harmful to your gums. Frayed bristles can damage your teeth and gum tissues by causing gum recession and enamel wear.

3. The frayed bristles bend away from teeth while brushing, which stops their fine tips from reaching between teeth and gums, failing to effectively clean teeth.

4. Changing your brush head every 3-4 months prevents bacterial buildup on the bristles.